SOPHIE DEH is a women's ready-to-wear brand made in France, 100% wax and digital, owned by the company SOPHIE DEH COUTURE.

Founded in 2018, the women's designer brand is officially launched after a successful collaboration with NAF NAF in 2019.

It is run by an all-female duo made up of Nancy the CEO, who has been a customer experience specialist for 12 years and is passionate about wax, and Sophie the founder and artistic director who is always at the centre of the brand.

Sophie Deh - Notre entreprise
Sophie Deh - Notre entreprise


2016 - First wax collection in Senegal

2017 - Ulule fundraising campaign

2018 - Creation of the brand SOPHIE DEH

2019 - Collaboration with NAF NAF

2022 - Appointment of Nancy as CEO and Sophie as Artistic Director


After 11 years as a ready-to-wear buyer, Sophie decided to open a new chapter and create a brand that reflects her values of exchange, sharing, openness and her vision of style.

In 2013, she decided to train as a fashion designer for a year and the idea of creating her own women's clothing brand became obvious to her.

During a stay in Senegal in February 2016, she had a dozen wax pieces made on site in very urban cuts. Back in France, the desire to continue is strong and she makes her first models which meet a certain success with her circle; it is the beginning of the adventure!

A strong brand, premium fabrics chosen according to strict quality control, beauty and originality in the models and always a touch of innovation.

"I love this fabric, its prints, its colours which convey something extremely positive. And what I like most of all is the association of wax with cuts that are both modern and timeless. The mastery of cuts and the madness of wax as a hot-cold mix, inspire me to create a wardrobe where the classic and the unexpected are mixed." Sophie Deh

Sophie Deh - Notre histoire
Sophie Deh - Notre entreprise


We can't talk about the SOPHIE DEH brand without talking about its essence: THE WAX

Wax is not actually of African origin. It has been made for centuries in Indonesia, where the Dutch have several colonies. But when the Indonesians rebelled against this colonisation after the Second World War, the Dutch recruited mercenaries from their trading posts on the West African coast. It was the Ghanaian mercenaries who returned from Borneo and Sumatra after the conflict and brought home the typical Indonesian fabric, Batik, which was renamed wax in Africa after the wax manufacturing technique.

Wax, which has thus become a noble and traditional African fabric, starting in Ghana, then the Ivory Coast and Senegal, is not only the fabric of clothing. It is certainly chosen for its colourful patterns, but it is also a sign of social recognition and a real medium of non-verbal communication.

The fame of wax today goes beyond the borders of Africa and this fabric can be found not only in all African countries but also in Europe, and many stylists such as Sophie Deh are now using this colourful fabric to better sublimate you.

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